Registration is required to borrow books and audio-visual materials. A library card (ticket) can be issued by filling out an application form for use and submitting it with an identification to the circulation counter.
You may borrow books with your library card at the circulation counter. If you use an automatic lending machine, you may process a service of borrowing books by yourself.
Limit: 10 books per person
Loan period: 15 days
Audio-materials are available with your library card at the circulation counter.
You do not borrow audio-visual materials from an automatic lending machine.
Limit: 2 items per person
Loan period: 8 days
Digital versatile discs are available only in an audio and visual booth.
Materials are necessary to be returned to the circulation counter. Your library card is not necessary to return materials. You may return booksto both the circulation counter and the return box which is on the right side of the front door on the first floor.
Video cassettes and CDs cannot be placed in the return box because they may be damaged.
You may reserve a book if it is on loan. Staff will contact with you after the book is returned.  
Requests for purchasing books or lending materials from other libraries can be made if they are not in stock. In case of ordering books from other libraries, it may cost for delivery charge.
Staff will help with reference services by researching and locating resources. Do not hesitate to consult us. Inquiries by mail, telephone, facsimile and e-mail are accepted.
You may search for books, magazines and audio-visual materials in our database by the PCs at our library.
Photocopying of the library collections and printing out from the Internet and CD-ROMs within the limitations of the Copyright Law are allowed. You may copy the materials available in the library upon completing the permission form in cash.
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